You are here to make the world a better place.

Receiving your Reiki Master Attunement is an honour that you have been called to receive. Somewhere, deep inside your soul, you feel the call to heal yourself, help others, and even animals. 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese modality that has been taught as an oral tradition since Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered the techniques and ancient wisdom and opened his first

Reiki school in Tokyo in 1922. However, the techniques and ancient practices have been recorded for more than 800 years, and hold their roots in Esoteric Buddhism, Hinduism and the Vedic System, and Qi Gong. 

Throughout this Reiki Master Teacher Certification, we will aim to gain a thorough understanding of what Reiki Ryoho is, how to honour the traditions and respect the lineage of a Reiki practice, and how to effectively treat and teach others with the Reiki modality. 

We will explore healing, and healing concepts on a personal level, and you will have an opportunity to apply what you learn to your own life, as appropriate. 

Furthermore, we will explore what Reiki is, and what it is not. As with many other alternative healing practices and orally-taught modalities and practices, there can be some confusion and interpretation of the original material, which can result in inconsistencies and misinformation. We will address these concerns, and you can effectively equip yourself with the knowledge and wisdom to become an effective Reiki Master with the power to heal yourself, others, and the world. 

What You'll Learn:

  • An introduction and thorough understanding of the origins & history of Reiki. Learn what research is available, what documentation is known, and discover the tools to further your own understanding of this rich tapestry of healing. 
  • The Reiki Principles and the philosophy behind this ancient modality
  • The Precepts, or “rules” that must be honoured for Reiki Ryoho (healing) to occur
  • Hand-positions and protocols for healing yourself, healing animals, and healing others- including various known and documented protocols for treating various ailments and conditions.
  •  A deep understanding of the four symbols used in the traditional Usui methodology, and practice using them to begin effecting the flow and healing of the energetic body.
  • A collection of serene and healing guided meditations and practices that you can use to connect with this flow of energy, any time. 
  • Discover your innate wisdom and gifts.
  • Each Certification Module ends with a beautiful attunement ceremony, in which you will be given the appropriate symbol/s for each Level by a Reiki Master Teacher, and welcomed into the practice as the Divine being you are. 
  • A 21-day cleanse follows each attunement ceremony, to support you in integrating the new energetic patterns into your body.

This course is eligible for Continuing Education Credits with the Canadian Yogic Alliance. 


  • You will need a device capable of video conferencing. We use this portal for video webcasts, and Zoom for the majority of our live webconferences and group calls.
  • You must have the desire to let go of your limitations and discover your potential. 
  • A great wifi connection or a computer with a strong ethernet connection is recommended. 

There was nothing I didn’t like, I absolutely LOVED it!

"The attunement experience was magical and witnessing it as a student reviewing the material, this was my favourite part because it brought back feelings to when I was attuned in Reiki Level I and I wanted to hold space for others being attuned. The teacher created a healing environment through the whole course and especially during the attunement, taking as much time as needed for each student, allowing us all to send love and light to each other during the attunement and engaging those reviewing by sending a Reiki boost as well. There was nothing I didn’t like, I absolutely LOVED it!"

-Nav Grewal

Exactly what I needed

"I felt calm. The review was exactly what I needed to remind myself how beautiful the Reiki practice is. It also was a kickstart to my self-healing and has encouraged me to look for ways to promote myself as a Reiki practitioner so that I can help heal others. It reminded me that I can pursue my healing journey and how important it is to follow the calling to heal."

-Rosie Okpro

I cannot wait to continue to recommend this certification to others.

"There is a sense of knowing you are exactly where you need to be and that is what this class and the people did for me. The course material was thorough, but recieved in a way that provided the participants with ample time to discuss and assess in the context of their own lives.

I will continue my Reiki Journey! And I cannot wait to continue to recommend this certification to others."

-Lindsey Norris-Omelon

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I can't wait to share this practice with you!

Reiki has been such a gift in my life, and it is an honour to get to share this beautiful practice with you now.

Your journey starts now, and I am fully here to support you. If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly at [email protected].